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An event celebrated by the Hindus and Christians alike, the Feast of Three Kings is an ode to the Lady of Mount who is considered to be the protector of people. It is believed that a wish made at her chapel never goes in vain.

The festival involves 9 days of endless processions and continues till Epiphany on January 6. The festival is celebrated in honour of the Lady of Mount. An idol of the lady is embellished with beautiful jewelry and people seek her blessings for a prosperous future.

During the nine days of the fest, Hindu and Christian devotees come to the Chapel to seek blessings from the Lady. On the last day, three small boys dressed as kings take different routes and arrive together at the Chapel to offer their wealth to the Lady.

The rituals are followed by a fair held at the hilltop where you can buy anything from copperware to local spices.

History of the Feast of Three Kings

According to local lore, a rock lying nearby is marked with the footprints of a baby and an adult, believed to be the place where Virgin Mary rested with her infant on their way to the Hill of Remedies.

However, other historians are of the view that the place now occupied by the Chapel of Remedies was once the site of a Hindu temple, which also explains the large number of Hindus coming to worship at the place. When is the Feast of Three Kings celebrated?

The event is held on January 6 every year on the Festa dos Reis. The celebrations are attended by thousands of visitors from the world over belonging to different regions and religions.