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just as in most parts of the world, December 25 or Christmas is celebrated with much pomp and show in Goa. People from all over the state, irrespective of their religion or religious beliefs exchange gifts and celebrate the nativity of Christ.

Days before Christmas Eve, the markets are embellished with decorations and people dressed as Santa can be seen showering the visitors with gifts, sweeping everyone into the festive spirit. Dazzling Christmas trees adorned with glittering light bulbs can be seen outside all major showrooms. For the devout, celebrations begin on Christmas Eve as the sound of carols and church bells fills the air.

The Holy Night

December is a sacred month for Catholics in Goa. The holy night of December 24 is welcomed by one and all in anticipation of the Lord’s birth. Churches are embellished with colorful poinsettias and the entire city is lit up by candles, making it a sight to behold.

Christmas time is the busiest time in Goa as tourists converge to the place from all over the globe to get soaked in the festive environment. The nativity scene is well enacted throughout various places in Goa, using statues, hay and other artificial artifacts. The festival is not only eagerly awaited by Christians but also Hindus, who decorate their homes with oil lamps and lights to welcome the Lord.

Hotels and resorts all over Goa offer attractive Christmas offers for the visitors. The rooms and lobbies of the hotels and exquisitely embellished with paper ribbons and other beautification material. Wake up to the soothing sound of Christmas carols and go to sleep with the busting of firecrackers. If you do not like crowded places and are looking for seclusion, then we recommend you visit the villages.