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Arambol Beach

One of the most charming beaches of Goa, Arambol Beach is located about 50 km north of Panaji. Situated in the quiet and friendly Arambol village, Arambol beach is a nature lover's dream destination with expansive coastal stretch and an unspoilt feel to it. The beach is a long stretch of golden sands interspersed with rocky cliffs.

There are two beaches in Arambol, the main and more popular one being the Harmal beach, which is the northernmost beach in Goa. The second beach, which can only be reached on foot, is more picturesque and surrounded by steep cliffs on both sides.

Arambol Beach remains quite peaceful except on Sundays, when a huge crowd of local picnickers gather here for enjoying various beach activities.

There is a relaxed environment all around, with the tranquility attracting many day-trippers from various other beaches located nearby.


Hot Spring

The most fascinating attraction of Arambol beach is a hot spring close to the main beach, which feeds into a freshwater lake. The silt produced as a result on the lakeshore is presumed to have curative effects on the skin.


A number of shops dotted in close proximity of the beaches sell clothes, junk jewelry and handicrafts from all parts of Goa as well as from other states of India.


Eating out can be really exciting at Arambol beach, with several good cafes along the main beach serving appetizing dishes from the cuisines of Italy, Goa and India.


To the immediate north of Arambol beach of Goa, there are some striking, idyllic bays and fresh water pools which are excellent for swimming. The rocky outcrops or the cliffs near the beaches serve as popular paragliding spots. Besides, you can also embark on exhilarating Dolphin watching boat trips and cruises to the nearby Anjuna Beach as well.


There is not much available here when it comes to lodging except for one or two guesthouses. We recommend that you put up at the Vagator or Anjuna and then go for visiting this exquisite beach.


Reaching Arambol beach is quite convenient as you can take buses that frequently ply from Mapusa and Chopdem to Arambol. Mapusa is the nearest interstate bus station. For local transport, you can hire taxis or bikes. Know more about the beaches of Goa on the site that offers valuable inputs on the tourism in Goa.